Frequently Asked Questions

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Chronic Medication
It is important to bring with or arrange for your chronic medication with a local physician and to medicate yourself as prescribed by them. It is also important to notify us from any such condition prior to your arrival.
Other Medication
Medication for insect bites, minor injuries, sunburn or other conditions is a necessity. Hunting areas may be a vast distance away from doctors or medical facilities and therefore care must be taken for your own treatment.
Other precautionary measures
When travelling from overseas you must consult your doctor regarding Yellow Fever vaccines and other compulsory vaccinations that is required by law to travel South Africa. It is highly recommended to take the necessary precautionary measures against tick and other insect bites.
Medical Insurance
It is essential to carry full travel and medical insurance in the event of any emergency or unforeseen occurrence.
Take an effective malaria prophylaxis. There are several effective preventive drugs. Consult your doctor or travel clinic for the best one for you. Wear long trousers and long sleeve shirts between dusk and dawn. Anopheles mosquitoes tend to bite at night, hence precautionary measures should be taken especially at this time. Use mosquito repellents and sleep under an insecticide treated mosquito net to avoid mosquito bites. Consult your doctor and request malaria test if you develop any flu-like symptoms during or after you have been in a malaria area. While the symptoms normally develop up to 2 weeks after the parasite has entered the body, symptoms of the disease can occur up to 6 months after you have left the malaria area, so never discount the possibility that you could have malaria when feeling ill. Get treated immediately with effective antimalarial drugs if you test positive for malaria. If diagnosed and treated promptly the disease can be cured. Remember malaria can be prevented, treated and cured. Enjoy your travels to beautiful South Africa and have a safe and relaxing trip.

Clothing & equipment

What to bring?
During the winter months a warm down jacket or fleece is recommended. The wind chill on the back of a hunting vehicle must not be under-estimated. Later in the season a light-hunting jacket might be required in the mornings. Care must be taken not to use safari clothes of a light colour. Grey, dark green or camo is recommended in the hunting field. Long sleeve shirts and trousers will protect the hunter from the sun. A cap or floppy hat is essential.
Comfortable boots or shoes with socks are essential as walking and stalking is part of the safari experience. The bushveld is full of surprises for the inexperienced and all precautionary steps are necessary to protect your feet and avoiding to remain at camp on the second day.
Camera & binoculars
It is essential to bring your camera and/or video camera to capture the precious moments of your safari. This is the best way to reminisce afterwards with your family and friends and relive your experience in South Africa.


The following is important: United States Custom Form 4457 or Europe Firearm Licence - is required and must be certified. Please check for US Custom stamp as well as the dates thereof. The date must correlate and the display the same year of the year in which the hunt takes place.
Import Permits
Complete the temporary firearm import permit application (SAP520) in advance (if possible) and bring it with you. It is important to note that the form must be completed in black ink and must remain unsigned until the document is finalized in front of the police official issuing the actual permit at the airport. Dates must be in yy-mm-dd format.
Copy of return ticket and invitation
A copy of your return ticket and your invitation to hunt in South Africa is very important.
Proof of Ownership
Proof of ownership will be required from the authorities.
Safeguarding your firearm
Safeguarding your firearm is of utmost importance. Ensure that you are aware of the firearm at all times and avoid negligence.

Climate & Weather

Depending on the season temperatures may vary between 0 ˚Celsius in the mornings to 20˚ Celsius at midday during winter. However during summer the daytime temperatures can rise to between 12˚ in the mornings and 40˚ Celsius at midday.
Winter starts May and ends August of a year.

Terms & Conditions

To secure your booking a deposit of $1000 is required, All big 5 Hunts is a minimum of 50% deposit needed of the total of the hunt. The balance is to be paid at the end of the safaris and before you departure to the airport!
Methods of payment
Cash - we accept America dollars or South African Rand Bank Transfer – You may wire a transfer but only if the payment can be confirmed with a receipt Credit Card – Visa or Master card (be aware of extra 2.75% card fee on the total amount).
You need to sign an indemnity form upon arrival whereby you indemnifies the owner or any of their employees from any claim arising from any injury caused by accident or death, natural or otherwise, loss or theft of any personal belongings. It is the responsibility of any visitor or client to ensure that all property and life is appropriately covered by insurance.
Acceptance of terms & conditions
By paying the required deposit upon making your reservation you automatically accept the following terms and conditions:

(1) Due to the nature of travelling and hunting in South Africa , conditions are subject to change , Sable Peak Safaris reserves the right to alter or change any conditions, as a result of considerable currency fluctuations, political disturbances , increased rates at our external partners or other circumstances that we are not in control of.

(2) All Prices on this website is presented in American Dollars and based on the local South African Rand. If for any reason the Rand goes below Thirteen Rand (R13) against the American Dollar, we reserve the right to raise the offered prices accordingly.

(3) Sable Peak Safaris will not be responsible whatsoever for any changes to your safari, as a result of weather or government interventions that we are not in control of.

Other Information

Cell phone coverage
All the local cellphone service providers cover most of the country. Internet is also available.
WiFi coverage
WiFi may be made available to our clients.
We do laundry. Please do let us know in advance if you do not require this service.


If your question is not listed in our knowledge base, please feel free to contact us.